Bachelor Parties Need Strong Leaders

Bachelor Parties Need Strong Leaders

I am currently involved in planning a bachelor party for one of my best friends.

By "involved", I mean I am on the group chat where the bachelor's two brothers attempt to wrangle up 12 idiots and get them to Florida.

Good luck.

Unfortunately for me and everyone else on the group chat, bachelor parties need strong leaders. As the bachelor party planner, your duties require ruthless control. You can't worry about feelings or opinions of others. You need to make decisions, make them quick, and be strong-willed and confident in those decisions.

This bachelor party for my friend is less than 2 months away and the only directions we have received are the dates and the destination city.

No hotel.

No flight itinerary.

No cost estimate.

To add insult to injury, there is about a 2 week delay between direction on said group chat.

Granted, not everyone is made to plan bachelor parties. Just because your brother is getting married doesn't automatically make you a great organizer. If you aren't a great organizer, recognize it and find someone who can do it for you. Your bachelor's last night in the wolfpack is too important to take lightly.

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