Bachelor Party TShirts - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bachelor Party TShirts are one of the best Bachelor Party Ideas around.

Not only do you get to show your bachelor that his Wolfpack is there for him, but you will create a buzz in whatever locale you choose.

You have probably asked yourself at one point in time, "How do I take this goofy picture of my buddy from that time he was drunk in Cancun and put it on Bachelor Party TShirts"?

It's actually rather easy.

Check out our shop page. When you check out, you can send us that awesome picture your bachelor doesn't want you to have through the file upload.

You still probably have a few questions so we have compiled our most common questions and organized them below.

As always, if you have any additional questions, we'd be happy to answer them. Just go to our contact page, or click the Facebook messenger bubble and send us a chat.  We respond as soon as humanly possible if not instantly.

1. What kind of picture do I send?

As long as it is large, and the subject is forward facing and unobstructed, we will make it work.

Usually, a picture you can pull from Facebook will work.  Please make sure it is the actual photo saved onto a computer i.e. not a thumbnail or screen shot on an iPhone.

Also, a nice contrast between the face and hair versus the background will help. If the person's hair is dark and there is a dark background, it makes it tough to differentiate what is background and what is hair.

2. What colors can I get?

You can specify your design and shirt colors in the drop down menu just before placing your order.

We have most ink color combinations and we can get any color of the rainbow for the shirt.

3. How long will it take to get my Bachelor Party TShirts?

Most likely, about 2 weeks.  Please let us know in the order notes when your party will occur, so we can get it to you in time.

We ship from South Jersey. Any destination on the east coast is usually 2-3 days once shipped and the west coast is usually 2-4 days.

Please allow enough time to get them for your bachelor party. Make sure you take into account any travel time.

4. I am having a destination Bachelor Party and I am short on time. Can you ship to the hotel or AirBnB?


We have done this countless times to save time and also to save you from loading 15 bachelor party TShirts into your luggage. We have shipped shirts to hotels in Vegas, Miami, New York and plenty of other places.  Hotels are pretty accommodating about this. Please allow ample time for us to print and ship to hotels. Some hotels have different processes of getting their mail and if we are on a time crunch, they may sit around longer than you would like at the front desk.

5. These custom bachelor party shirts look cool. How do I order them?

Excellent question.

Check out our shop page. Just to the right of the picture, there are a number of questions for you to answer about your bachelor party TShirts.

You just answer all the questions to the best of your ability and with the information you have about the bachelor party and select “add to cart”.

6. How do I put my Groom’s face on the shirt?

Glad you asked!

We make it as easy as possible for you.

Simply upload your Groom’s picture on the order menu from the shop page. Fill out the rest of the information and hit add to cart. Just make sure the picture of the Groom’s face is good quality, large, and doesn’t have anything blocking his face. We can make it work with most pictures. If we can’t, we will let you know!

7. Will I be able to see what it looks like before they show up?

This is our most common question.

We will absolutely send you a proof before printing!

You can request changes and we will go over everything before we print anything.

The most important thing is, YOU have final approval.

8. Can I see some examples of Bachelor Party TShirts with the Groom’s face?

Why yes!

We have hundreds of examples. Check us out on Instagram @CustomWolfpack to see some examples. If you prefer to see more, we have hundreds of examples from previous customers. Just contact us here.

On our main page, we have a collage of other customers as well as an Instagram feed.

9. Can the Groom's shirt say something different?


Our bachelor party tshirt package comes with a one color / one location design but it must be the same design for all the shirts. Some customers like to have the bachelor's shirt say something different like "The Alpha" or simply "Groom". Other customers prefer to have it say the bachelor's name.

We can certainly accommodate different designs. Simply purchase the additional design add-on and you are good to go.  We will make a second screen for your order and customize your bachelor's shirt to your liking.

10.  Can the bachelor's shirt be a different color?


We have done all sorts of different colors to distinguish which Wolfpack member is the Groom. The only caveat is that if your Wolfpack is using a light color, the Groom's shirt must also be a light color. This allows the design to look great on all the shirts!

If you want opposite colors (Navy/Gold, Black/White), we have to do a different design. Please refer to #9 above.

11.  Can I have nameplates on the back of the shirts?


Check out the add-on listing here.

12.  How do I add different sizes?

Especially on Etsy, we often get the question, "How do I add different sizes? Or, do I have to pick the same sizes?"

It's easy!

Just pick the quantity and size of each individual size you need in the drop down and click "add to cart".

For example, if you need 3 Mediums and 3 Larges, you would pick a quantity of "3" and "M" in the drop down menu then click "add to cart". Then, you would pick a quantity of "3" and "L" in the drop down menu then click "add to cart"

13.  How many pictures of the bachelor should I send?

We utilize a professional graphic designer to render an awesome picture of your bachelor.

So scour his Facebook and find the best possible picture of your bachelor.

Make sure you find one that looks like he normally looks.  If you send us a picture of how he doesn't normally look, that will show up in the final product.

If he doesn't normally wear glasses, make sure you send us one without glasses. If he normally has his hair combed down, make sure the picture you choose reflects that. 

With the price of your order, we can only provide one design of one single picture.  We can do multiple pictures for an extra charge.