About Us

Bachelor Party T-Shirts for all!

We are a husband and wife screen printing team from South Jersey, just outside Philadelphia and we love making bachelor party t-shirts.

In 2012, we decided to learn the ins and outs of the screen printing business. Since then, we have learned everything we could about the entire screen printing process from thinking of a design in our heads to delivering a shirt to your door a few days later.

Ok. But what the heck is a Wolfpack Tee?!?!?!

We have this friend named Cujo. He refers to a select group of his friends as the "Wolfpack". While we know he didn't create that term by any means, if you knew him, you'd know he has certainly perfected it.

One day in 2014, a few members of his Wolfpack were hosting a bachelor party for him.  Since we made T-Shirts and had a ton of experience in the business, they asked us if we could make a bachelor party t-shirt that said "Cujo's Wolfpack" and have a really goofy version of his face on the shirt.

We loved that idea and it was a hit!  We had so many comments from people at the bachelor party that we figured other people might like it.  We started selling them on Etsy and they were such a success we had to put them on their own site!

Since 2014, we have helped hundreds of Wolfpacks around the world celebrate their friends by designing and printing bachelor party t-shirts for their parties and we love it.

We love hearing about how much the groom loved the shirts when he walked in and saw his face on everyone's t-shirt.  We love seeing the group photos tagged on our Instagram and Facebook @CustomWolfpack.

Most of all, we want to help make your bachelor party a success.