Best Bachelor Party Destinations 2020

The bachelor party is one of the best parties a man can attend. These days, the bachelor party is becoming more of a vacation. It is becoming a multiple day/night event that everyone looks forward to for months. 

The bachelor party is awesome for many reasons. It has all the elements a male adult can possibly look for.

It's a vacation and it's certainly time away from responsibilities/work/reality. It's a celebration of your friend's pending nuptials. It also has just a hint of adventure to satisfy that itch that every man has burning inside of him.  

The bachelor party is one of my favorite occasions because it is just simply a bit of good old fashioned fun. 

Whether you are planning your own bachelor party or a bachelor party for a friend, the first thing you need to decide is the destination. I have published another post about the advantages of both the destination and the local bachelor party that you can find here.  This article is mainly focused on the best bachelor party destinations that would require travel.

The good news is, there are a million possibilities when choosing the best bachelor party destination for your party.  Below, I have included, in my opinion, the best bachelor party locations of 2019. 

You may be wondering, what criteria am I using for this? Great question!

I judge a bachelor party destination on the following 5 things:

  1. Your destination has to have cool stuff to do. Cool stuff that not only your Groom likes, but also that all the dudes on the trip like.
  2. Your destination has to have ease of access to the cool stuff. I personally like when the destination has everything you need right there in close proximity. This way, you aren't traveling all over the place to get to restaurants/activities/bars/clubs.
  3. Adequate lodging is a must. Unless you are a hippie or a big outdoorsy kinda guy, I like average+ hotels that are in cool areas with access to numbers 1 and 2 above. 
  4. Ease of travel is also a must because no one wants to pay for a $1000 flight to Saskatoon.
  5. Affordability is also something to consider. You need to pick somewhere that the guests don't have to take out a second mortgage just to get there. 

I have included my favorites below (in no particular order) and just so you know, these are solely my opinion using the criteria I have created above. 

Have a destination that you prefer? Did I miss a great one? Add it to the comments at the end of the article! I would love to hear from you.


Vegas was just simply built for bachelor parties. It is cheap to get there from most places in the US, there are a ton of hotels, a ton of bars/clubs/strip clubs, awesome pools and fantastic restaurants.

My favorite thing about Vegas is that if you wanted to, you wouldn't even need to leave the hotel! Most of the hotels in Vegas have everything you need to sustain yourself and celebrate all weekend.

If you are coordinating a large bachelor party for 8-15 people, Vegas might be your ticket. With all the amenities right in the hotel or casino, you won't have to coordinate as many logistics. Party attendees can go about their business yet still take in all the camaraderie that the bachelor party creates. 


Cancun, much like Vegas, has a ton of hotels and amenities right at your fingertips to allow the logistics of your bachelor party to go smoothly. 

There are a few things I think make Cancun slightly better / different than Vegas.  First, your dollar goes way further in Cancun. It is obviouly a different country and I haven't checked the exchange rate with the Pesos but my understanding is that you will do OK in Cancun,

Second, many of the resorts are all-inclusive so unlike Vegas, you can keep the cervezas flowing without breaking that $20 bill every time. 

Third, Cancun is on a beach so if that's your thing, Cancun might be your spot. And finally, Cancun is again in another country. So although the slogan is "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", that saying might be a little easier to get away with in Mexico than it is in the old US of A. 


New Orleans is just a plain old good time. 

Although NOLA is lacking the resort type atmosphere, the French Quarter gives you a full square mile to let loose and that includes drinking in the street. Nothing says you are on a bachelor party like drinking in the street!

The whole area is set up to have an endless party and if that is your goal. NOLA might be for you. NOLA isn't going to give you a beach vibe and depending on where you stay, you might not have that pool/resort/ Vegas feel but it is still a fantastic time. 

South Beach Miami

My favorite thing about South Beach is that it is a bustling metropolis settled right on one of the coolest beaches in the country. You can be relaxing on the beautiful beach or hanging out in the crystal clear ocean water by day and partying in some of the coolest clubs in South Beach by night. It really is the best of both worlds. 

Also, since Miami is a major metro area, you have all the amenities of life right at your fingertips. Feel like going to a crazy club until 4 am? No problem. Feel like reading a book at Starbucks? Also, no problem. Miami has great restaurants, clubs, beaches, bars, etc. You name it and Miami has it.

Fair warning though, South Beach is not cheap. 


This one might surprise you. 

The west coast of Florida is known to be more relaxing than some of the spots on the east coast like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. However, if you have ever been to Shepherd's Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach, then you know Clearwater is the place to be.

Shepherd's is a bit like a going to a resort in Miami or Cancun but it is right there in Clearwater, FL. It is super easy to get to and right within the resort you have fantastic restaurants, a club, a pool, and my favorite, a tiki bar that sticks out right into the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, you are a stone's throw from all the Tampa night life spots like Ybor City, Hyde Park, and Channelside. 

Atlantic City

Ah good ol' AC.

I think AC gets a bad wrap. Yes, you may see older folks on those church bus trips hanging out at casinos and some of the shady aspects of the inner city Atlantic City if you leave the casino. 

However, AC still has all the great elements that make up a good bachelor party that I mentioned above. The casinos have everything you need just like Vegas including pools, restaurants, bars, clubs all in close proximity to your room. And since it is a smaller scale than Vegas, it is super easy to hop casinos and check out the other ones while you are there. The Pool at Harrah's will make you feel like you are in a club in Miami or Vegas and the Borgota is simply an unbelieveable resort. 

If you are looking for adventure outside the casinos, check out the Irish Pub in AC. It is one of my favorite dive bars in America. 

AC is certainly one of your cheaper options. You can easily get there from Philly or NYC or really anywhere. 


OCMD is your classic east coast shore town. It has your standard shore related activities including beaches and resorts coupled with some awesome nightlife spots including Seacrets and Fager's Island.

You haven't lived until you have enjoyed a cocktail or a cold light beer in the water at Seacret's during the day. Check out some of the photos on any social media platform and you will be sure to book your next trip. 

Although a rather large town, OCMD has everything you need in relative proximity and it is very easy to hop on the bus and get anywhere in town. 

Those are my favorites!

And just so you know, these are solely my opinion using the criteria I have created above. 

Have a destination that you prefer? Did I miss a great one? Add it to the comments at the end of the article! I would love to hear from you.

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